Yes, You Can Homeschool!!

Yes, You Can Homeschool!!

Oh my goodness, the fear that I had when I started out on my home school journey!

“My children’s entire well being is resting on my shoulders.”

“What if I don’t have the skills for the job.”

“What if I FAIL!”

It was such a HEAVY weight that I felt as I stood at the starting line of my children’s education.  But in all honesty, I never should have allowed my heart to become so burdened.

I wish that I could go back and encourage younger self sometimes.  I would say,

“God gave these children to YOU, which means that He has given, and will give you everything you need to teach and train them.”

The truth is, I am not perfect.  I have rough days just like the rest of the world, but I am not afraid of messing my children up anymore.  I believe that the best person to pour into my child is me, and I believe that God has hand tailored me for my kids.

If you are in that place of confusion, fear, or self doubt, be encouraged today!  God is in the business of equipping the called, and if there is something that you can be sure of,

If you have children, YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED TO BE A MOTHER!

Seek out wisdom for the job.  Do your homework to find out what curriculum fits your family the best.  Be flexible, and adjust lessons and schedule as you need to, but especially,

TRUST that God is within you, and He will equip you as you go! You can do it!

Happy teaching,


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