This may be one of the most important things we can teach our children. It also can be one of the hardest things we must teach our children!
Obedience is an action of the heart, & is not innate in our children, and is something that even adults struggle with! In fact, if left to their own,
our children, will tend toward the complete opposite.
Anyone who has had a young child has experienced the infamous “NO” from their child, & it likely started when they were only a toddler.
You ask them to do something or even to not do something, they look at you with an “I heard that, but I think I’ll do it anyway” look, and
then they proceed to do the very thing you asked them not to do! Sometimes a “no” response is out aloud, and yes, I have seen my share of “no fits” from kiddos,
but probably the more common response is the silent, non-verbal response. You ask a child to come, and they continue playing with their toys.

Either way Mom, these acts of disobedience are not good for your child, and will cause you years of agonizing frustration if you let this bad habit
grow in their hearts. God gave you to your child to be a parent, and you have been given the authority to help your child learn the proper order of things.
The bible says it best, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.” (Ephesians 6:1). This shows a definite order for us to follow.
In this one verse we see that God has given parents the authority over their sweet little ones.

Kids need us to guide them and train them in what is good and right.


I get so frustrated when I see people who don’t want to teach their children because they think it will somehow hinder them to give them a moral compass!!!
Come on parent, keep it simple!!! God so graciously shows us in His word what is good and right. All we need to do is find out what God says about something,
and then teach and train our kids in that!

God has seen it all, and created it all. He knows how things work best for us, and if we love our children, we will train them in HIS ways!

So, the next time your child doesn’t come the first time you call, stop what you are doing and address it with your kiddo!
Don’t be afraid to hold your child to a standard. You can lovingly bring discipline & correction to your child without ruining them.
You will find that the exact opposite will happen if you are diligent with grooming their hearts. You will find that you will have respectful children,
who understand the chain of command, & who are able to not only respond right to you, but also to God and His word!

To Obedience,