Character Building

Character Building

Proverbs 20:11

“Even children are known by the way they act, whether their conduct is pure, and whether it is right.”

In a day and age of blame shifting, where nobody wants to hold anybody accountable, where there are no definitive rights or wrongs (only gray), and parents have given away their backbones in attempt to not damage their children’s self esteem, it is more important for us than ever to realize the importance of our role in parenting.

Against the stream of society is the direction we must be willing to swim in order to set our children up on a path of God’s blessing and success.  You see, there are definite rights and wrongs in this life.  There is a way that is wrong, and another way that is right.  One way leads us to death, and the other to blessing, and God has given us the most beautiful gift in His word for all who chose to read and apply it!

Perhaps the reason that some parents refuse to parent their children is that all they ever knew from their own parents was lacking.  Maybe they were belittled and weren’t parented in love, or given healthy boundaries, so they just don’t know any better way.  In many cases, the parents are just too lazy to put in the work that is necessary to train their children…and yes….I did say work!  It is not an easy job being a parent, but it is the most beautiful ministry and call we have.

It is our job to lovingly establish truth in our children.  To establish good habits and godly behavior, and to lead our little ones into a relationship with Christ.   It is something that we cannot be afraid of, but instead we must realize and answer the call to set and maintain a standard for our children.  In doing so, we will set our kids up for a lifetime of success.

If we do not teach and train our kids to have good character, the world will teach them it’s ways!  The good news is…that is up for you to choose!